202024 Nov
When Remote Employees File a Worker’s Comp Claim
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While work-at-home policies accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic have brought a lot of benefits, and suggested that telecommuting may indeed be viable for many jobs, it has also started creating its own “unique” set of problems. If remote workers who are almost entirely unsupervised, at least physically, are able to file claims for ordinary household accidents, that could significantly change the calculus of allowing at-home work. As remote working continues, the idea of claiming worker’s compensation for an injury at home will likely increase with new scenarios popping up regularly. To that avail, ensuring your case management technology is flexible and capable of keeping pace with 2021 trends - whether incited by a pandemic or simply the evolution of the workforce - is critical to mitigating risk of lawsuits and employee and labor relations issues. Contact us for a customized demonstration and learn how LaborSoft can help you improve communications, build a more collaborative, safe, and supportive workplace, while reducing the likelihood of costly litigation.

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