202023 Nov
cDASY6 Module WPT Release – Our New MAGPy Technology for DASY6 » SPEAG, Schmid & Partner Engineering AG
General News

The result is the new cDASY6 Module WPT that is optimized for advanced compliance testing of wireless power transfer devices according to the latest IEC/IEEE63184 DPAS draft and that expands the frequency range of DASY6 to below 4 MHz. There is an increasing demand by regulators for rigorous and scientifically sound compliance testing of wireless power transfer (WPT) system below 4 MHz. In parallel, SPEAG started to develop a new product line: the Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy). MAGPy was specifically developed for compliance evaluations of WPT systems and any other strong magnetic near-field sources operating at frequencies of 3 kHz − 10 MHz with respect to reference levels but also basic restrictions. cDASY6 Module WPT is designed to demonstrate compliance with the basic restrictions of any magnetic source from 3 kHz − 4 MHz with maximal precision and is fully compliant with IEC/IEEE63184 DPAS.

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