202023 Nov
Catamaran Bio sets sail with $42M to create off-the-shelf CAR-NK treatments
Funding Rounds
202023 Nov
$42MSeries A

Several biotechs have sprung up to close that gap in different ways, but Catamaran Bio thinks single “linchpin” approaches won’t be enough. They will also push to lead CAR-NK programs toward the clinic in the next few years, said Vipin Suri, Ph.D., Catamarans chief science officer. The company is keeping the targets of those programs under wraps, but Suri said they are new antigens expressed in a variety of solid tumors and occur at low levels in normal tissue. Catamaran has designed its CAR-NK programs to take advantage of the signals tumor cells send out to quiet the immune response. It can also get around capacity limits of viral vectors, delivering large amounts of genetic cargo into NK cells, and allows for multiplexing—or doing multiple engineering steps at once—which can’t be done with viruses.

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