202023 Nov

Giving Tuesday Campaign Plan: 5 Visual Strategies for Effective Team Communication


According to a Stanford Social Innovation Review article, “good internal communications aren’t an after-thought; they require the same strategy, planning, and execution that go into external communications.” At a time when most teams are working remotely, it’s become all the more important to ensure you communicate the Giving Tuesday campaign plan to your team effectively. One of the biggest reasons why projects fail is the lack of accountability which comes from not defining the roles and responsibilities of every team member clearly. “Building a community where team members are accountable can instill the right values across the board and inspire continued growth,” states a Forbes article. With limited time and several moving parts, what can help improve collaboration and ensure success is having an organized approach towards tracking your team’s progress. Implement these visual tactics to communicate with your team and provide clarity at every step of the way to keep them motivated and improve collaboration.

Source: Sumac