202023 Nov
Agtech market value to soar to over $22bn
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The Agtech market is comprised of services such as agricultural sensors for crop management, GPS field mapping, and supply chain management, with the ultimate goal of increasing yields and reducing costs through connectivity and data insight. The study, ‘Agtech: Market Outlook, Emerging Opportunities & Forecasts 2020-2025 Report’, identified agricultural sensors and supply chain management as key revenue-generating services over the next five years. These two services are anticipated to account for 67% of market value by 2025; owing to emerging solutions that enable low-cost data collection and analysis on agriculture operations. Low-power connectivity solutions are key to future growth by offering affordable options that provide clear return on investment to agricultural stakeholders operating in an industry with tight profit margins. These sensors will enable the monitoring of climate, hydration and soil pH levels, to minimise operational inefficiencies.

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