202021 Nov
UPDATE Available: iMPC Pro 2 iPad and iPhone!
General News

We are so excited to share the latest update of iMPC Pro 2 with you. Here are the list of fixes and improvements within the latest build. Please email us at support@retronyms.com with your feedback, and consider leaving us a review if youre happy with the update!For iMPC Pro 2customers, this build is version 2.1.3. For iMPC Pro 2customers, this build is version 2.1.4. Fixes include...- Fix crash when instantiating AudioUnits (AUv3) on iOS 14- Fix instability when undoing sound editor operations or deleting handles in the middle of a "live edit" (amplify, fade in/out, etc)- Added terms of service for YouTube sharing- Fix distorted monitoring of mono input sources on Audio Tracks- Fix crash when rapid MIDI events come in during project close- Fix incorrect loop points when dragging 48 khz samples from pad to pad- Fix invisible text in AudioCopy dialog when in dark mode- Fix scrolling in Tracks view for newer phones- Fix solo behavior when deleting a soloed track- Fix crash when canceling out of a mix-down at very end- Fixed sound editor waveform display for wider phones- Fix sound library crash when browsing into My Projects after a sound a project uses has been deleted