202020 Nov
A guide to the best inbound marketing software on the market
General News

Zoho Social allows marketers to “bundle” various profiles into groups, saving you time by making it easier to schedule posts without having to go back and forth between logins. Collaboration tools, a Facebook Lead Ad booking module, CRM integrations and a consolidated messaging inbox make real-time engagement easy for teams. Using heatmaps, session recordings, popup survey questions and other ways to gather feedback, this tool gives you the insights you need to conceive of better conversion optimization hypotheses. This information, fully segmentable, gathered using data from Google Analytics and pushed to the CRM of your choice, can clue you in immediately on who your most qualified prospects are and who’s not worth pursuing. Delighted provides a straightforward platform to ask current and potential customers how likely they are to recommend you to peers, the data you need to determine your net promoter score (NPS).

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