202011 Nov
Location Data + Reviews: The 1–2 Punch of Local SEO (Updated for 2020)
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But look at the real estate occupied by the various aspects associated with reputation: If Google cares this much about ratings, review text, responses, and emerging elements like place topics and attributes, any local brand you’re marketing should see these factors as a priority. This particular restaurant location has an obvious problem with slow service, orders being filled incorrectly, and employees who have been denied the training they need to represent the brand in a knowledgeable, friendly, or accessible manner. In such a scenario, there’s definitely an opportunity for the marketer to offer the necessary education to describe the risks involved in tying a brand to misleading practices, highlighting how vital it is to build trust within the local community. They deceive the searcher and the buying public and they stain every real review, every honest business, and Google.” When a platform like Google makes it easy to “get away with” deception, companies lacking ethics will take advantage of the opportunity. I’ve never forgotten a piece Florian Huebner wrote for StreetFight documenting the neglected reviews of a major fast food chain and its subsequent increase in location closures and decrease in profits.

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