202010 Nov
Nokia delivers private 5G network to MYNXG for secure IoT solutions development
General News

MYNXG’s operational technology functions using 5G’s full capability from both a performance and quality of service perspective. Scalable according to needs, Nokia DAC is an industrial-grade digital automation platform that provides a reliable, secure, high-performance private wireless network. Combining edge computing capability and low latency to support data-intensive applications, DAC users can securely collect, process and host all generated proprietary data on site. The MYNXG platform is designed to protect devices, physical infrastructures and related data to the highest cybersecurity standards. In addition to scalable cloud services, the MYNXG platform provides straightforward, direct integration into existing business systems and processes.

  • Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Cellular Software, Mobile
  • Healthcare
  • General Healthcare
  • Security Software
  • Data Management
  • Mobile/Wireless
  • Networking
  • Web Conferencing