202029 Oct
Faster solution to high-performance robot vision
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Specialist technical skills are usually needed to handle tasks such as establishing communications between the various subsystems, calibrating the vision system, and registering workpiece data accurately. This was the prospect facing an automotive parts maker based in Japan, as the company sought to introduce new robotic automation with vision to produce its latest products quickly and cost-effectively. From previous experience, the production team knew that the system integration could take a lot longer than expected and could demand significant engineering resources. They also knew that getting support in the longer term could be a concern; determining whether the vision system or the robot is the cause of any problems, to be able to direct their service calls to the appropriate supplier, can be challenging. RCXiVY2+ cameras can be mounted on the robot or in fixed positions Thanks to these features, users no longer need extensive training and experience to build an accurate, fully functioning robot-vision system.

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