202029 Oct
3D printed composite parts with support of ESA
General News

Michał Siemaszko, Head of Research and Development at Zortrax S.A, said: “Reducing weight is always one of the key design goals in aerospace engineering and it can be done by building parts which serve multiple purposes at once. “This way, the structural parts can at the same time perform electricity or data transfer functions without weight penalty incurred for additional wires. Maximum temperatures in the printing chamber and on the build platform can reach 200°C and 220°C, respectively, to further reduce warping and shrinkage of high performance materials. This will make this printer a powerful tool in the hands of engineers and designers working for high end and demanding application like automotive, aerospace and space. The customers can rest assured that the printers they ordered will come ready to print composite models after a simple software update when the technology reaches production level.

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