202029 Oct
Over 800 cyber security jobs analysed: MOST desired skills revealed
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So much so, that a recent study by Specops Software found that 54% of business owners from a range of sectors have experienced an increase in cyber threats this year. Notably, holders of the ‘Cloud Security Professional (CCSP – 4%)’ certification have the highest earning potential at an average annual salary of €66,316. Contrastingly, PHP (3%), JavaScript (3%), Ruby (3%) and Java (3%) are the programming languages employers are less interested in for cyber security roles. Ireland (€56,932), Belgium (€56,400) and Luxembourg (€55,572) are among the other countries where cyber security professionals can on average earn more than €50,000 per year - respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth. Interestingly, the United Kingdom is in tenth place as cyber security specialists in the country can make an average yearly salary of €44,982.