202029 Oct
NXP scalable machine learning portfolio and capabilities
General News

NXP will integrate the Ethos-U65 microNPU into its next generation of i.MX applications processors to deliver energy-efficient, cost-effective ML solutions for the fast-growing Industrial and IoT Edge. “NXP’s vision is to help our customers achieve lower cost of ownership, maintain high levels of security with critical data, and to stay safe with enhanced forms of human-machine-interaction.” Au-Zone’s DeepView ML Tool Suite will augment eIQ with an intuitive, graphical user interface (GUI) and workflow, enabling developers of all experience levels to import datasets and models, rapidly train, and deploy NN models and ML workloads across the NXP Edge processing portfolio. It’s on-target, graph-level profiling capability will provide developers with run-time insights to optimise NN model architectures, system parameters, and run-time performance. A key feature of this run-time inference engine is that it optimises the system memory usage and data movement uniquely for each SoC architecture. The NXP and Arm technology partnership focused on defining the system-level aspects of this microNPU which supports up to 1 TOPS (512 parallel multiply-accumulate operations at 1GHz).

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