202029 Oct
Industrial-quality memory and security products at electronica
General News

Swissbit’s S-50 and S-56 series are SD and microSD memory cards that tolerate changing temperatures between read and write operations over the entire specified range of -40 to +85°C. With these resilient characteristics, this series offers the highest reliability for demanding applications such as data recorders and industrial PCs. Another product in compact BGA format is the new EM-30 in the e.MMC 5.1 standard deploying cost-effective 3D-NAND architecture in capacities from 16 to 256 GB. By using familiar form factors and common flash storage media interfaces, Swissbit provides a convenient, low-cost and low-effort integration approach for manufacturers of embedded IoT systems. Swissbit manufactures security products in its Berlin factory as highly integrated systems-in-package under the ‘Made in Germany’ banner.

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