202029 Oct
The Complete and Only Shooting Range Checklist Youll Ever Need
General News

Even if your primary goal of going to the range is to sight in your hunting rifle, you may choose to bring a pistol and/or a shotgun for some recreational target shooting while you’re there. However, you’ll also want to wear safety glasses or sunglasses to ensure you’re not getting gun powder residue in your eyes while shooting. However, we highly recommend wearing a high-collared top to prevent hot cases ejected from the firearm from finding their way into your shirt. Additionally, many gun accessories like scopes, forend grips, laser, and flashlights require a flathead screwdriver for securing or removal. For example, if you’re shooting your pistol and don’t want to have to set your gun down every time you’re adjusting targets or reloading magazines, you’ll want a holster.

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