202029 Oct
Chain stores sign MoU to integrate with FBRs online system
General News

ISLAMABAD: Big retailers with chain stores have agreed to install Point of Sale (POS) at their outlets to integrate sales and purchase with online system of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In this regard a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the FBR and Chain Stores Association of Pakistan (CAP) to ensure effective and efficient integration of (POS) installed at Tier 1 retailers’ location all across the country. This huge milestone achieved on Wednesday provides for incentives to the retailers who voluntarily integrate with FBR’s system by November 30, 2020. To facilitate smooth integration and collectively manage any bottlenecks, CAP committees will be formed at central and regional levels. The association will also augment FBR’s efforts to improve the PoS system and make it foolproof.

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