202028 Oct
Mimecast Research: Nearly a Third in the UAE Admit to Opening Emails They Considered Suspicious
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Earlier this year, an urgent request for IT teams across the globe was to ensure the efficient issuance of laptops and other computing devices to employees, as much of the workforce started working remote due to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The most common activities were checking personal email (57%), carrying out financial transactions (59%) and video calls with friends and family (50%). In the Middle East, 66% of respondents said there was a risk to checking personal email as the cause of a serious security mistake, and 65% thought surfing the web or online shopping could likely cause an incident. Encouragingly, all of the respondents in the UAE (100%) claim to be aware that links in email, on social media sites and on websites can potentially infect their devices. “Security professionals need to ensure their organization isn’t growing more exposed as threats evolve to better target the unsuspecting,” commented Douglas.

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