202026 Oct
HTTPS Is Table Stakes for SEO in 2020
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Heres the monthly growth since April 2017: There was a bump in HTTPS after October 2017, when Google announced that Chrome would be displaying more warnings to users for non-secure forms, but otherwise forward momentum has been fairly steady. While the MozCast 10,000-keyword set is well-suited for tracking long-term trends (as its consistent over time and has a long history), the data is focused on page-one, desktop results and is intentionally skewed toward more competitive terms. Across a much larger data set, the prevalence of HTTPS URLs on page one is very similar to MozCast and nearly identical across desktop and mobile. If youre not convinced that HTTPS is important when 97-98% of the top ten organic results have it, Im not sure whats left to say. As importantly, Google has made major changes around HTTPS/SSL in the Chrome browser, increasingly warning visitors if your site isnt secure.

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