202021 Oct
How Splunk Is Using Acquisitions to Improve Its Cloud Computing Offerings
General News

Digital data and analytics firm Splunk (NASDAQ:SPLK) recently announced a number of innovations and updates to its platform, including the launch of a new set of tools called the Observability Suite. Leveraging past acquisitions with new ones Booming data analytics demand, driven by the adoption of cloud computing over the last few years, has created a new dynamic in the industry. The new Observability Suite stitches together its infrastructure, digital experience (the interaction between a user and an organization), application performance, and incident response and investigation monitoring tools into a singular platform. And to bolster Observability Suite, two new acquisitions were announced: The first is Plumbr, an application and user monitoring outfit, and the takeover of the small software company is already complete. Plumbr and Rigor could nonetheless be big deals if they strengthen the Observability Suite against the myriad of competitors nipping at Splunks heels.

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