202017 Oct
TMS Software Blog: Today Oct 17, tmssoftware.com BV celebrates its 20 year anniversary
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Wanting to win one copy of this ultra limited and hand-signed book by our team, leave a comment on thi blog sharing an experiece, a memory, a result accomplished with our components and we will pick winners from there.This 20-year anniversary could not have been possible by the support, passion, and hard-work from so many people involved:Thank you for letting me experience the feeling of being in charge of a company and being a great example of work ethic and enjoying life at the same time. Thank you for always pushing me and the team to the next level.Thank you for being the heart and face of the company assisting our customers day-in, day-out with all their needs and questions and for taking care of the public image of the company.Thank you for your curiosity in new technologies and courage to overcome even the most difficult technical challenges. Thank you for helping me improve my German language and for the many chats about cars and politics.Thank you for the amazing job on bringing the TMS WEB Core framework to Visual Studio Code . Thank you for the opportunity to be able to work together with such a highly skilled, extremely intelligent and - at the same time - pragmatic software developer.Thank you for being a TMS fan of the first hour and believing in the potential of the company. Thank you for the top-notch evangelization work you do and for being the critical and blunt voice that pushes us to higher levels.Thank you for believing in TMS as a partner for offering cryptography components for Delphi developersThanks for all the hard work that goes into the cryptography products Thank you for our cooperation with the respected FixInsight product and for new exciting upcoming developments in the area of GraphQL.Thank you for your exceptional skills combining deep mathematical understanding and programming at the same time resulting in a powerful math & stats library for Delphi users.Thank you for your trust in our company and for being open to a brand new position for you.

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