202017 Oct
Mobile inventory & restocking by scan applications on Android , Windows CE
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• for small touch screens from 3" (tested on the EC30) • for pro terminals with fast integrated scanner or commercially available smartphone, • outputs a csv file that can be used in Excel, in the "Download" or "Download" directory of your device, • displays it in a list on the machine, • retains any bar code (1D laser or 2D imager depending on the scanner of the device) • by adding scan by scan or by groups of quantities. Content of the csv file at inventory output : 4 fields per item code : ref;designation;qty;date-time of last scan The name of the output file varies according to the date and time of data export: no risk of overwriting by successive exports. Other possibilities in inventories and customised applications: We are editors: we can adapt similar functions upon request and description of the precise needs of our customers. Security and price of this mobile inventory scanning software: In order to prevent the application from being used on foreign terminals and corrupted information from entering by this means, as it is easy to copy the application, its operation is therefore controlled by a key linked to its unique terminal number and generated by us, the publisher. Possible endpoints (preliminary tests to be done by yourself) of use of this software: • all possible ruggedised terminals in Android, Windows Ce or handheld, with integrated scanner or barcode imager, wifi at the very least, we resell and configure these professional scanning terminals : large choice.

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