202016 Oct
10 Basic SEO Tips to Index + Rank New Content Faster — Best of Whiteboard Friday
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Sit back, turn up your volume, and let Cyrus Shepard show you exactly how in this popular and informative episode of Whiteboard Friday. (BONUS: This wasn’t in the video, but we wanted to include it because it’s pretty awesome) Within the past few months, both Google and Bing have introduced new APIs to help speed up and automate the crawling and indexing of URLs. If you want to use these indexing APIs yourself, you have a number of potential options: • Richard Baxter wrote an excellent post on using SEO Tools for Excel with Google’s API Yoast announced they will soon support live indexing across both Google and Bing within their SEO Wordpress plugin. When youre creating the new content, you can help it to rank sooner if you pick terms that Google thinks deserve freshness. We collaborated with HubSpot Academy on their free Content Strategy course — check out the video to build a strong foundation of knowledge and equip yourself with actionable tools to get started!

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