202014 Oct
3 Steps to Boost Security for the Hybrid Business
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As sectors enter a period of recovery – and with non-essential investment set to fall – CIOs will be forced to prioritize their IT spending accordingly. Whether it’s because companies do not have the systems to fully support a virtual workforce, or employees have turned to consumer apps for professional use, shadow IT has grown exponentially. To reclaim control of data sat outside their four walls, IT teams must ensure employees are aware of the best practice in terms of connecting and saving files via company-provided services or the Virtual Private Network (VPN). Furthermore, while a password refresh is one way to up-level security overnight, embracing two-factor authentication across corporate devices is a great way to make your organization less attractive to cyber-attackers. This includes across cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office365 and OneDrive, which do not automatically backup data, meaning it may still be unprotected.

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