202008 Oct
Top Dev Entrepreneurs Invest $2M in Earthly, Build Tooling for the Post-Container Era
Funding Rounds
202008 Oct

Founders of popular development platforms such as Mesosphere, Cockroach Labs, Digital Ocean, DataDog and Envoy Proxy join in forces to reinvent everyday build tooling. Earthly Technologies, a new company reinventing software build tooling for the post-container era, has closed its seed round of funding from top-tier investors and high-profile entrepreneurs. Earthly saves time for developers by guaranteeing that the tests they execute on their laptop will behave the same throughout the rest of the pipeline. "Earthly, on the other hand, uses a syntax familiar to every cloud developer, as it is based on the same language that is used to define Docker containers. Earthly Technologies is working on upcoming cloud-based features like shared caching and highly parallel execution in a cluster.

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