202008 Oct
Neocis Raises $72M Series D to Bring a New Level of Precision and Safety to Dentistry with Yomi, the First FDA-Approved Robotic-Assisted Surgical System
Funding Rounds
202008 Oct

Neocis customer adoption for Yomi grows rapidly with thousands of dental implant surgeries already performed in 47 cities across the U.S. MIAMI, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- , a pioneer in robot-assisted dental implant surgery, today announced a $72 million Series D round of financing led by DFJ Growth, with participation from Vivo Capital and existing investors Mithril Capital Management, Norwest Venture Partners, Section 32, and Fred Moll. The traditional technique requires a surgeon to use a freehand approach with no guidance and to create an invasive flap which exposes the bone and is the main source of pain and discomfort for the patient. Dr. Scotty Bolding, a Yomi Pioneer and leading oral surgeon based in Fayetteville, AR, said, "It is exciting to finally have the power of surgical robotics available in the field of dentistry. “As the only FDA-approved surgical robotics system for dentists and oral surgeons, Neocis is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative approaches for practitioners that improves outcomes for patients. “This latest round of funding will allow us to expand the reach of our robotic-assisted surgical system and fuel further development of Yomi’s technology platform to deliver increased value to every dental office in the country.” About Neocis, Inc. Neocis Inc. is a private company located in Miami, Florida that is transforming dental surgery with advanced robotics, with a vision of advancing healthcare through the latest technology.