202008 Oct
UK-based Condense Reality raises €875K seed round to bring 3D hologram-style video to live TV experience
Funding Rounds
202008 Oct

Founded in 2019, Condense Reality has developed a system for streaming hologram-style 3D “volumetric video” (a three-dimensional image that can be viewed by multiple people from different angles) of live events alongside a normal television broadcast. Until now, capturing volumetric video required fixed studios with green screens and hundreds of precisely-calibrated cameras, and it took days to process minutes of content for streaming. Condense Reality has developed a next-generation solution that enables broadcasters and content creators to capture and stream volumetric video in real time, outside the confines of a studio, and with far fewer cameras. Nick Fellingham, CEO of Condense Reality, said: “Our technology aims to bridge real and virtual worlds by enabling broadcasters to record live events as volumetric video and instantly stream them to viewers. For years SFC Capital has believed in the quality of innovation going on all around the UK, not just in London as the epicentre of the investment ecosystem – and we have the receipts in the shape of a geographically diverse portfolio spanning the length and breadth of the country.”