202015 Sep
Seegrid Closes $52 Million in Growth Equity Financing
Funding Rounds

“The combination of our cash positive and profitable operations and our very strong balance sheet, with well over $50 million of cash and no debt, position Seegrid to continue to lead the autonomous material handling vehicle industry and help companies automate their operations.” Seegrid leads the automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) industry category by pairing the most robust, flexible, and reliable technology with unmatched service and support. The company’s innovative products help manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics facilities achieve Industry 4.0 and material handling automation initiatives. Seegrid combines infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles, fleet management software, and actionable analytics for a complete, connected, material handling solution. Seegrid Vision navigation technology is reliable, flexible, and proven with millions of autonomous production miles driven and zero personnel safety incidents. With Seegrid’s best-in-class service and support that extends from project design through deployment and training, material flow is both safe and optimized, accelerating Industry 4.0 initiatives today and into the future.

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