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FileMaker 19, hands on: Veteran app builder keeps up with the low-code crowd Review
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FileMaker apps running on iOS and macOS can use machine learning like image classification, object detection, recommendation and even custom models built with CoreML in scripts. Thats intended to be simple enough for low-code users, but if you want to use JavaScript and a cloud machine learning API that will work on other devices, thats something that an experienced developer will need to build (either directly into the app or by creating an add-on for the marketplace). You could create powerful small-business apps where staff at a dry cleaners or a garage could ask Siri to take a photograph of a product that a customer brings in for repair or cleaning, use image recognition to find out what it is, give an estimate or book in the job and generate the invoice. FileMaker 19 is a significant step forward towards an open development platform adding strong integration with JavaScript, cloud APIs and much broader hosting options. If youre upgrading to take advantage of that, this is probably the time to switch to a subscription to get new features as Claris moves from annual releases to a more SaaS model.

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