202015 Sep
Siemens and VSI Labs partner to advance autonomous vehicle development
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Through the partnership, Siemens’ PAVE360 platform will be used to create digital twin simulations for the validation and testing of all processors, electronics, sensors and systems powering the VSI Labs Capability Demonstrator - an advanced AV development vehicle equipped with components from best-in-class automotive technology leaders and integrated by VSI solutions engineers. “The primary objective of this partnership is to demonstrate equivalence between Siemens’ industry-leading digital twin technology and a physical platform, thereby increasing confidence in digital twin-based modeling methodologies well in advance of the existence of a physical vehicle,” said Ravi Subramanian, senior vice president, IC Verification, Mentor, a Siemens business. “This collaboration with VSI has the potential to significantly advance the AV space with the creation of a high-fidelity autonomous vehicle digital twin that simulates the interaction and combined power of the most advanced AV components and technologies in the world.” Siemens’ PAVE360 pre-silicon autonomous validation environment delivers a comprehensive platform for multi-supplier collaboration across the automotive ecosystem. “By creating a digital twin of our demonstration vehicle, VSI developers can test applications long before physical deployment, which will save time and reduce development cycles.” VSI’s Capability Demonstrator travels to conferences throughout the year to exhibit the ADAS & autonomous driving technology enabled by their clients’ components and solutions. The Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage Digital Twins that provide organisations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation.

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