202015 Sep
Jobs and strategy concerns follow ARM acquisition

Not long after Brexit referendum, Softbank, the Japanese company made an offer to acquire ARM. Despite pleas from those who know what it means for a country to have a world beating technology company, Theresa May’s government refused to intervene, proclaiming the deal showed that post-Brexit, “Britain was open for business.” A great company let go for the sake of a nice easy sound bite. Though given this is a government which will happily tear up an international treaty protected by law, it will need to keep a straight face when negotiating any promises from NVidia. The other side of the coin suggests there’s not much point shelling out $40bn for a company and the drive away its formidable customer base. NVidia’s CEO Jensen Huang (pictured) says the company will create a world-class AI laboratory in at ARM’s headquarters in Cambridge, “a Hadron collider or Hubble telescope, if you like, for artificial intelligence."

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