202015 Sep
NM200EVT-1 underwater laser scanner for PWR
General News

In addition, the laser scanner creates a high-resolution 3D CAD model that performs the Physical Measurements of the Effects of Degradation required MRP-227 in a fraction of the time of currently deployed technology along with much improved accuracy. Coupled with Newton Labs PT200UW Pan-Tilt Arm with pre-installed directional/speed controls, positioning the NM200EVT-1 is orders of magnitude easier/faster than hand manipulating cameras and lighting on a pole. For Utilities, looking to reduce the high cost of License Renewal and Subsequent License Renewal commitments for PWR Internals, training on the NM200EVT-1/PT200UW integrated system can successfully be completed in four hours with Utility Team Members now ready to perform the bulk of the required in-vessel inspections. The ease of training is the result of painstaking development of console interface controls that make operating the integrated NM200EVT-1/PT200UW system intuitive to use. Newton Labs will support Utilities PWR in-vessel inspection campaigns for a fraction of mob/demob service provider costs.

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