202015 Sep
Introduces IrisTime™ – A Contactless, Biometric Time and Attendance Solution
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Also, IrisTime platform is contactless, an essential consideration during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID. That accuracy, along with seamless integration with payroll software, helps the platform eliminate potential errors while calculating hours worked, as well as benefits such as disability and accrued vacation time.” Using IrisTime, employee authentication takes less than a second, a vital consideration during busy shift changes. For any size company, IrisTime provides a high return on investment by eliminating costs associated with administering and managing punch, barcode, magnetic swipe or proximity cards and PINs. Iris ID currently provides iris-based authentication systems for leading workforce management solution suppliers such as Paychex and SimplyWork, as well as for many global enterprise customers. “Now, we are revolutionizing the time and attendance function with a biometric platform aimed at meeting many of the unprecedented challenges facing employers today.

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