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Some Usage Scenarios For Image Protect And PDF Protection Software | ArtistScope
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As the person who introduced the very first image protect software way back in 1998, I can tell that it was done to fill a huge void and a necessity for anyone displaying intellectual property online. That was the end of that project unless I could find a way to prevent copy because even I wasnt interested in displaying some of my own unique art which no-one outside of a few close friends had ever seen. Not wanting to give up I stated researching the different programming languages looking for the means that I might be able to use to create image protect software. With ArtistScope PDF protection software, authors can distribute for reading on the desktop or viewing online from a secure web browser. But anything displayed on a web page, using the ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) has many more advantages because it can cater for all media and viewed using all desktop computers.

  • Anti Piracy
  • Web and Content Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Tracking
  • Content Management