202015 Sep
Alliance Memory announces NOR flash agreement with Micron
General News

Micron is continuing to produce these devices for Alliance Memory and intends to only supply Alliance Memory for any new orders placed through mid-2021. "We are committed to meeting our customers legacy component needs and have had great success working with Micron to provide continued support for a variety of devices, including 512Mb SDRAMs and 8Gb DDR3L SDRAMs," said David Bagby, president and CEO of Alliance Memory. "Were looking forward to continuing that success with these M29F NOR Flash parts, which will provide our customers with a steady supply of 5V parallel NOR Flash for a minimum of two more years." "Micron is pleased to work with Alliance Memory to provide loyal customers of our M29F NOR Flash products with a trusted source for supply beyond our stated PCN last-time shipment date," said Richard De Caro, director of NOR Flash and emerging memory solutions of the Embedded Business Unit at Micron. "We value our customers, and we always strive to find solutions that provide supply flexibility and longevity."

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