202015 Sep
The Boys 2.3: “Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men” Review
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“Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men” sees the shit hit the fan for both the Boys and Vought, who face some big obstacles in their latest efforts to restore their reputations. The painfully obvious media lies spouted by Vought off the back of the Compound V revelation are pretty darkly hilarious, on this note, but it’s The Seven that end up getting a lot more focus in this storyline nonetheless. Alas, it’s all for nothing in the end, since Kimiko and Kenji are eventually cornered on the roof, leaving Kimiko to witness her brother be murdered by Stormfront, who conspicuously calls him a, “Yellow bastard.” This horrific act ends up paying dividends for Vought as well, surprisingly, who are quickly able to distract from the Compound V bombshell by making a big show of charity to the displaced apartment tenants, while also being able to celebrate Stormfront killing the Supe terrorist that had been menacing New York and New Jersey. It’s a deviously executed perfect storm of great publicity, one that also builds effectively off of minorities being unable to tell the truth about Stormfront being a raging, highly racist serial murderer, since no one would logically believe them. That final gut punch with Stormfront does a fantastic job of capping off the initial three episodes that kicked off The Boys’ sophomore season, callously heading off Annie’s and Hughie’s efforts to expose Vought before they could gain enough traction in the press.

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