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How to Create a Donor-Centric Annual Report for Nonprofits: 6 Best Practices


From growing your donor base and meeting your fundraising goals to making a difference to the community and reaping change, your nonprofit has had a successful year. Instead, consider using data visualization such as charts, graphs, tables, maps and infographics to present the same financial information in a more engaging way. Establish an overarching theme and let it reflect across the annual report in the color scheme, typography and visual elements used. Here are some action items you can leave readers with: • Tell them how to donate • Encourage them to engage with you on your social media platforms • Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter and build your email list Take a look at the last page of American Kidney Fund’s 2017 annual report that lists the various ways people can get involved and show their support. Make the most of it by implementing these six best practices, enabling you to create a donor-centric annual report that captivates attention, gets read and leaves people impressed.

Source: Sumac