202014 Sep
Beware the costs of poor quality software development
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According to Evans Data Corporation, last year there were about 23.9 million software developers, and while this sounds like a lot, the field is facing a (growing) shortage. One estimate even places the demand for software at twice the current supply, meaning that organisations are having to prioritise their IT work or forego on some of their digital ambitions. The first point highlighted by the experts is that in many areas, there are no clear standards or global guidelines for outlining and measuring the quality of a software product. In North America, the cost of non-quality software for corporations alone is estimated by CISQ to be above $2.8 trillion – a staggering number considering that it equates to approximately 10% of the GDP of the United States. For companies that engage software developers, it is key to carefully assess providers and IT outsourcing partners prior to working with them.

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