202010 Sep
Danish drone startup QuadSAT gets €2 million to fix satellite interference issues
Funding Rounds
202010 Sep

Danish drone company QuadSAT has raised €2 million in ‘pre-Series A’ funding to develop its testing solutions for satellite communications. “Our solution is the only one that can provide the scalability of test and measurements required for a robust satcom infrastructure to minimize challenges such as dropped calls and internet buffering,” claims CEO and co-founder Joakim Espeland. Based in Odense, the startup raised £700,000 about two years ago and recently completed contracts with the European Space Agency to continue developing other satcom products. CTO and co-founder Andrian Buchi elaborates: “We see a high level of interest for our technology, not only in antenna measurements but also in other test solutions aimed specifically at higher frequencies and at the future mass deployment of mega-constellations.” For now, the latest funding will be used to transition QuadSAT’s existing product, currently offered as a service, to be sold as a product for third party users. This will also allow the team to expand its UK research and development activities, as it prepares to raise a Series A round within the next year.

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