202013 Aug
NXP Secure UWB deployed in Samsung Galaxy Note20
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Propelling today’s on-the-go lifestyle with secure mobile solutions, NXP tethers consortia and ecosystem collaborations to ironclad industry alignment around UWB. “We are excited to introduce future UWB functionality in our Galaxy devices that will help locate items more accurately with AR technology and unlock your home as a digital key that will make life easier for consumers.” UWB technology delivers unprecedented accuracy in both line-of-site (LoS) and strong localisation in non-line-of-sight (nLoS) scenarios, such as crowded, multipath signal environments with numerous walls, people, and other obstacles. With that, Samsung’s utilisation of UWB in its latest Galaxy Note20 Ultra brings users powerful tools to help maximise their time and simplify their daily routines. “NXP offers a comprehensive suite of UWB chipsets that span best-in-class security, automotive, IoT and mobile architectures for real-time, precise, localisation capabilities across market applications; this has never been more important with mobile devices driving the digitisation of identities so people can interact contactless with the world around them,” said Rafael Sotomayor, Executive Vice President and GM, Connectivity and Security at NXP. “In addition to UWB, eSIM is also a new use case enabled in our mobile wallet that provides connectivity options beyond traditional SIM.” Completely hands-free access control: The unparalleled precision sensing of NXP’s Secure UWB technology includes outstanding localisation that will make it possible for mobile devices to communicate with connected doors, points of entry, and cars for completely hands-free access control.

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