202013 Aug
Ex-Intel employees outs dirt about Intel - Talks about Internal Difficulties
General News

This one is a bit unusual even awkward to spot, but we mentioned twitter user Retired engineer a couple of times already. Before we continue, this news thus stems from Retired Engineer but was picked up by our dutch colleagues from Hardware Info; So Intel was able to uphold their tick-tock schedule up to and including 22 nanometers after that things rapidly changed. The cause and reason behind it seem to originate from a second chip design team, part of the Technology Manufacturing Group (TMG), where production processes are developed. These are two very different parts, for GPUs, the transistor density is the most important, for Intel CPUs the clock speed matters a lot. So yeah, its an unexpected set of documentation, and there is way more in there, it is also mentioned that the arrival of Jim Keller felt like a breath of fresh air through the corporation.

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