202012 Aug
MMD brings the new Philips 279C9 UHD IPS monitor to the market
General News

The Ultra HD Philips 279C9 monitor features a Zero Bezel design, which eliminates the surrounding frame resulting in an expansive picture and simultaneously enables seamless multi-monitor set-ups Nowadays everyone is used to work with multiple devices connected, which means that ports are a key feature that cannot be missed. The Philips 279C9 includes a USB Type-C connector, which allows users to transfer data at a super-speed and charge the laptop at the same time (up to 65W). Moreover, IPS displays ensure remarkably crisp images with vivid colours, making them ideal not only for viewing and editing photos, movies and for web browsing Guru3D, and the VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 support, this monitor reproduces every detail. A great and fuller colour palette will enrich the vision and make every image more engaging, with deeper and more nuanced blacks, and peak brightness up to 400 nits. To ease the physical strains of a long workday, the display also features LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity and Flicker-Free technology for less eye-fatigue.

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