202011 Aug
TMS Software Blog: Create calendar events with TMS WEB Core
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Luckily there are media types that allow you to store and share calendaring and scheduling information: vCalendar and iCalendar. The default version is set to vv2 as most modern calendaring/scheduling applications support it anyway.You can add the events either at design-time or programmatically via theproperty, which is a collection ofitems.The various TvEvent properties are all based on the specification linked above.We have some events coming up in the following weeks starting this Thursday (13th August) with a Webinar hosted by Embarcadero Germany . A PWA behaves just like a regular website when you visit it from your browser:But as you can already see in the image, its also possible to install it as an application on your device! All that left to do is to create a TWebvCalendar instance and save the event to our device:We believe that this example once again proves how powerful TMS WEB Core is. Our demo can be accessed online by clicking the button below and dont forget that this is a PWA, so you can add it to the home screen of your mobile device!We also decided to make this TWebvCalendar component available through our TMS WEB Core Partner program just like we did with TWebQRCode and TWebZip components.

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