202031 Jul
Common Causes of Google Traffic Decline
General News

In this post, we examine some of the common changes, updates, and errors that can result in lost Google rankings and organic traffic declines. For example, if you recently updated a significant portion of content on your site, the density of targeted keywords may have gone down as you rewrote sections and inadvertently removed common, but important, phrases. Google may be seeing fewer important keywords, changes to valuable headers, a decrease in depth or amount of text, or other factors that could reduce your ranking for terms that page was previously winning. Especially if you’ve recently noticed a dip in organic traffic, checking your site’s speed can offer immediate insight that may reveal potential areas for improvement. Any time we start working with a new client on SEO or a bigger web strategy, our first step is to run the site through an audit on these tools to see if there are any obvious errors that should be fixed.

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