202023 Jul

8 types of infographics you should be using in your content marketing


Let’s look at the most common and successful types of infographics your brand can leverage throughout the sales funnel: Illustrations and visual elements are linked together by lines, dots or arrows, noting how and where users should be following along. By tracing the history of a company from its roots to its present-day status, for example, timelines plot key dates, facts, figures and moments in time, enabling users to stitch together a compelling narrative. This is a bread-and-butter type infographic, and it can be used to promote positive stats about your company, convey complex data points about a serious issue within your industry and relay proprietary survey results to your customers and prospects. Designers often employ color gradations, line illustrations and dynamic tones to categorize borders, distinguish conceptual shifts and influence how users visually scan across the page. For instance, your infographic on “5 cloud-based software solutions for 2020” would ideally be paired with an accompanying blog post that expands on items that don’t necessarily fit in an image format with size and load time constraints.

Source: Brafton