202003 Jul
CIO interview: Nick Burton, chief information and digital officer, Avon International
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“Coronavirus means we’ve shifted our focus to rapidly helping the business to navigate through this really weird period,” says Burton, neatly summarising the huge upheaval facing senior executives since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Around the same time as the UK went into lockdown in March, Burton moved to a new position at Avon, chief information and digital officer (CIDO). We weren’t building new stuff to respond to the crisis; we were adapting the things that we had.” While the IT team’s big focus during lockdown has been on helping to modify the firm’s distance-selling model, this transformative effort was proceeded by a week or so ensuring that office-based staff would be able to work from home. So we were through that initial but fundamental phase within about a week.” With the remote-working strategy in place, the technology department started thinking about how digitisation could help the business and its sales reps to cope with the new situation. “We can’t just go to a control panel and dial it up, although I wish we could have.” In the future, Burton aims to use the cloud to introduce more of the emerging business use cases his department has helped support during lockdown.

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