202003 Jul
Advertorial: Microsoft licenses for less than 13usd: offers at URcdkey
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Return our usual appointment with URcdkey offers, through which we will have the opportunity to save quite interesting sums on the software essential for our PCs. Needless to say, the hardware represents the most important expenditure, and the coronavirus emergency has certainly not been lenient with companies, which is why saving on the physical component in this particular period can be more difficult than usual. If, on the one hand, saving on hardware can be a challenging business, we are in collaboration with URcdkey have a simple and fast solution to save on software that you cannot do without like the operating system or Microsoft Office package. An example is the Microsoft Windows 10 Home OEM key that can only be purchased at 10,39 euros. You will only need to enter the GD20 code in the purchase phase, before payment, to benefit from a further discount of 20% on the prices indicated.

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