202003 Jul
Doom Patrol 2.3: “Pain Patrol” Review
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Since the rest of the heroes are spread so thin in this episode however, only Rita is ultimately able to accompany Chief to Red Jack’s dimension, a realm of extreme pain and suffering, albeit with a vague air of sadomasochistic delight. Even now, Rita braves extreme radiation exposure, and subsequent agony, to free Larry from his torment, while Chief in turn must reject eternal life, at the cost of becoming another entity of pain infliction. Cliff subsequently spends the entire night ranting and raving atop the Doom Patrol’s bus, while Jane is forced to face the scrutiny of her other personalities, who reveal that her true addiction isn’t Josh Clay’s serum, but instead constantly coming back to Chief. “Pain Patrol” isn’t quite as elegantly executed as the thoroughly excellent first two episodes that kicked off Doom Patrol’s second season last week (at least, for us Canadians), but it’s still packed with some really great storytelling, even as it struggles to give the show’s entire ensemble the same degree of focus. Chief and Rita both working to save Larry from Red Jack serves as an easy episode highlight, though Cliff’s and Jane’s impulsive trip to Florida also manages to provide some pretty standout drama.

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