202003 Jul
Our predictions for PlayStation 5 launch date and pricing
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With the PlayStation 5 inbound later this year, and with the hardware and a partial launch window lineup finally unveiled a few weeks ago, we’ve got some thoughts about just when and for how much Sony is going to make its upcoming console available. CD Projekt Red has recently moved Cyberpunk 2077 to a November 19th launch, falling on the Thursday just eight days before Black Friday in the United States. This year, Sony has said that they’re anticipating smaller production quantities, so having the units available two full weeks before the Thanksgiving shopping rush in the US may not be as big a deal. Pricing may be a bit more difficult to predict, as Sony has often taken a loss on their console manufacturing and made up the profit difference in sales of accessories and games. After looking at the evidence and the rumours, we expect to see PlayStation 5 launch November 20th for $499 USD for the Digital Edition, with a $549 price tag on the standard PS5 hardware.