202030 Jun
How to Improve Client Satisfaction During a Pandemic [Examples Included] – Blog
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Client satisfaction is crucial to your small business and always has been, but with the added stress of a pandemic, it’s now become harder for all of us to keep in touch, nurture relationships, and provide support. To ensure client satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business, our client-facing teams’ Hively scores are a key performance indicator(KPI) on their monthly, quarterly, and annual scorecards. Our consistently high CSAT score is no accident, but a deliberate strategy that allows us to communicate with our clients in a way that works. Sometimes, your client will ask you a specific question about your service or product, and while you can certainly answer it, it’s worth also finding out the big picture of what they’re trying to accomplish. While responding quickly is important and you don’t want to leave your clients waiting, focus more on the quality of the reply rather than how fast you get it out.

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