202026 Jun
Fastly Stock Soars As Edgy Clients Increase Content Network Use
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Operators of online content delivery networks have outperformed during the coronavirus lockdown, but Fastly (FSLY) has been the biggest gainer. "Fastly benefited from higher demand related to the Covid-19 environment, which led to an increase in both traffic and the number of customers electing to use its next-generation platform," Ho said in a recent note to clients. " Fastly and its rivals increase the speed of e-commerce transactions, business software downloads and video streaming to mobile devices. Along with e-commerce firm Shopify and music streaming service Spotify, Fastly customers include messaging app Slack Technologies (WORK), Ticketmaster and GitHub. Trouble is, Fastly went public using a dual-class stock governance structure that gave its chief executive and insiders super voting rights.

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